He proclaimed – “I am the ultimate cake”
Then proceeded to eat himself.
The kids felt sick and were vomiting gifts fully wrapped
“Surprise” screamed the entertainer who had set himself alight
Reciting small print terms and conditions
“Who will blow out the candle?” He cried.
Fever dream Marcus was in the booth, straws in his eyes
“I’m not thirsty, ma!”
Beatrice is mopping the floor, but her face needed to be put through the mangle
so she called her Sister collect.
And she did indeed.
Elderly Janet has contributed profoundly and propelled herself into the ceiling fan.


Doctors whizzed through jabbing all attendees
Arms fell off and waved goodbye – We’ve been saved!
Spinning top Gerald lost his skin to the forces that be
Now holding tight the coat rack.
All the while Mr Hosts chest embraces bullets
Fired concerned citizen
Peace molester crucified in day light then celebrated
“This place is pale and damp”
Mumbled the heretic
I’m leaving.


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