Sanatorium Holiday Home-Stay.

Mumbling a shapeless madness recites old news something I said way back when
but that’s not all!
Sounds like laughter low growls piped up poppycock don’t sweat it Mongman you’re already dead in the water and what what
What’s the deal with the deal always coming up short in empty rooms narrow hallways move around a lot from room to loft and
Voices sounding different when furniture burns a pile center stage hands warm shapeless madness shadows dance mocking
You think of Sweden and of Denmark then of abandonment at petting zoos and          laugh hyena laugh the train is coming
Platform eight but you cant read – walk – get to it sold my car for yabadabadoo 
pockets and pennies and auto-fellatio
and all manner of shapeless madness skin bone aluminium – haywire malfunctions      just ghosts and ghosts of ghosts in these rooms
frightened walls shitting bricks – open hellscape livestock stock counted numbered  Am I butcher Man of shapeless madness.

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