Old Homes And Dead Horses.

remember those halls warping wood disgraced a thousand footprints stained
even walls yellow with death, boiling rooms sweat and defeat sunk in old bones but comfortable
fingers on fire fire fire do you recall the gestures of petroleum thievery hounds
at bay, window fogs those glares that broke laughter years of decay in moments memory reflection grief passed mesmerized naked with a cigarette melting
jesus christ and morrison someone knocking at the door then silence
black spots ceilings and craniums cracked cutie on duty witnessed the unspeakable dolphins and witchcraft disco balls and scribbled desperation
nobody ate no one took breath in four years
Slashed tapestry woven caped crusaders restless recollection scarring vision
death the villain or so they say grow to be friends and we did timeless
departed lives scattered ashes dust
one last beating of old homes and dead horses

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